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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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attorneys plan to defend him charges of sexual abuse and a wgn investigation sex trafficking on the streets of chicago tonight. wgn news @ 9 >> members in tensions to be heard loud serious and clear >> one step closer to possible work stoppage contract dispute. top story around the country tonight. strike authorization vote passes overwhelmingly >> last time strike authorized in chicago public school teachers opted to strike lasted 19 days the year 1987 here we are today took 75 percent of teachers to say yes for approval
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last week 89 percent did just that almost 90 percent handed over authority to call for strike chicago public school officials say doing so and now is horribly amateur >> the results are not a victory indictment of and the strained relationship between management of cps at the largest labour force of ctu >> to authorize a strike in the middle of negotiations is not fair >> jean claude brizard says teachers to not know enough about what he and the rahm emmanuel a administrations are offering or denying teachers 89 percent said that they knew enough votes were cast last week counted by clergy to ensure integrity. >> the real estate in this state for everybody in the city of chicago is that a just fair good
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contract a cheap price to the school year to begin a new school year to continue to work to improve the quality of education in chicago >> this can be disruptive a strike have to think about everybody >> teachers if they want to be on this side of children they have to recognize society has changed the world a smaller place and we need to compete. that means longer school days at blogger school year >> karen lewis asking for 30% raise for ctu members >> they have toiled in silence the mayor of the city has exerted control shutdowns schools and handed over the subsidies to well-connected friends >> breaking down request like this chicago public school teachers asked to work 20 percent longer school day teachers want 20% raise in pay last contract teachers tonight 4% in pay coming to them this
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time it requested bump of 5% holding 29% raise a total. jean claude brizard says teachers asked to work 10% more ad contains everything in the last contract legal authorizing a strike too much this too soon. >> they only have one shot taken at a time no final offer no clear information and grossly inaccurate information >> the playing field is level on their side right now this changes that field very clearly >> what about legislative intervention out of the question? union says it would be a shame for lawmakers to ignore the voices of teachers chicago public school officials say the same lawmakers watching the negotiations closely. former mayor daley showing support for
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teachers today calling them the backbone of america most important people besides parents in shaping childrens' lives >> key to success in anything took responsibility did not blame anybody when you take responsibility you know what it is never blame teachers >> mayor daley appeared to support the demands for more compensation for logger school there no other public employee asked to give free time. another bloody weekend of gun violence in chicago eight people dead and dozens injured church leaders calling for a cease-fire. >> new numbers chicago police eight murders of nearly 50 shot and wounded latest number no fewer than 35 separate shootings chicago over the weekend numbers of religious leaders calling more than a crime spree calling at bergen
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genocide. urban and genocide. lying on the ground of the south side white t-shirts with red peppers that to be dead another weekend of gun violence in chicago standing around them represent the wounded family members left behind >> mothers and fathers sons and daughters of brothers are sisters united states said the sense they deserve to be protected. >> among those left to mourn delores' walker too upset to speak heartbroken mother just lost 16 year-old son shot are around 8:00 saturday night murder appears to be gang related killed on his front porch in chicago sister sat all
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day consoling each other. >> we hope the person who did this to him is it cost and we get justice >> the murder one of eight over the course of pot and deadly chicago weekend that also sought nearly 50 people wounded by gunfire. police busy south and west side districts found themselves racing from one shooting scene to the next the city's highest ranking officer appearing wgn to defend anti gang initiative pointing out to crime in chicago is down by double digits >> none of this is ok the level of violence is not acceptable and the city i think unacceptable in this country firearms and kids in chicago gang violence >> crisis not want to be resolved overnight religious leaders say a role for them in solving this calling on
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residents to help to take responsibility for high crime areas to cooperate with police ending the code of silence. >> illinois prosecutors gang targeting prosecutorss like the mafia governor pat quinn signed law allowing banks to be prosecuted as criminal organizations very successful gang called she rico act similar to the federal racketeering in st. gang rico act racketeering influenced organizations act crime committed by the whole gang instead of treating each crime as isolated case. >> all here today to tell a street gang leaders after you add to the people of illinois mean business >> governor pat quinn calls to the street gang rico act one of the most important bills he's signed as governor. several mexican immigrants are in a
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strike in chicago shedding light on deteriorating health of relatives who need organ transplants denied medical assistance because of immigration status lorenzo arroyo and his two brothers suffer from a genetic disease of the lipper slowly killing them no cure for that no treaty there undocumented immigrants do not qualify it to be put on the of the transplant list strike hoping hospital officials will hear their story with compassion. thousands of women and girls forced into prostitution happening here in chicago coming up look at sex trafficking how one woman helping victims escape at pain in the bottleneck tonight could ease up traffic on the ice and out of control wild fire raging in colorado destroying dozens of buildings temperatures dropping not by much jim ramsey getting used to the warm sunshine pier
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zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. sex trafficking nearly $10 billion industry not just outside the united states to the numbers are stunning. looking at the problem and our city to part
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series of buying sex selling kids. >> can be hard to wrap your head around what is a human sex trafficking? sometimes women brought from other countries only a small percentage 63 percent are united states citizens local police helping to define what it means and how to treat this for decades stop just prostitution often leads them back to some form of human trafficking bamut chicago is known worldwide music neighborhood but few would ever know this as a national hub for sex trafficking >> no idea thought it was asia or south america >> it does scare me terrifying >> the fbi local law enforcement state's attorney tackling the same problem as many as 25,000
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girls and women sex traffic to metropolitan chicago each year photojournalist troubled 30 states docketing problem most of us never think of documentary sex and money >> you have to attack this problem as a criminal enterprise >> look at the numbers exactly what it is enterprise one woman can generate quarter of a million dollars local gangs using this as a way to generate cash >> we now see children and women being trafficked advertising on internet relating to these women brought into communities normally would not have seen them >> twin brothers 17 years old but they understood the math string of pearls on the streets even advertised online charging up to $300 each hour now serving a three-year sentence
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>> making the problem worse? >> the demand is huge for younger girls >> aware of this for decades human trafficking survivor former prostitute started 14 years old 25 years says circumstances forced her into this sometimes others of >> kidnapped by two people truck of a car had kept for six months. on the road. they beat me up to date rape me. regularly every night after making their money that would take into the room and put a gun to my head play russian roulette with my head >> painful memories managed to escape from a moving car >> my close caught to the door and a track meet for six blocks toward the skin off of my face. >> stories of victims are horrifying now counselor of many cook county sheriff's
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department running its own human trafficking unit >> last year officers arrested by the hundred 73 people that is huge >> going after the pimps too set of challenges so many women are afraid to turn them in a documentary at the beginning of pi the story of pimp reveals how easy it is to keep the scheme going >> they come to me 100% >> very aware how to choose their victims even in the most unlikely places >> solicited in malls and other public places not so unusual walks up to a girl and says a girl you are beautiful and she says thank you he knows he has no chance if he walks up to a girl and says you are beautiful and she says no i am not he knows right then i can work on this >> happens every day broad
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daylight average age 12-14 years old hears about this from the women she counsels sat down with one of them they made it very clear >> out there and very young girls they asked me if i know many 12 year old girls or 14 year old girls and is just crazy to me. >> going to hear a lot more from that woman tomorrow night story not unusual in the world of sex trafficking what law enforcement is doing and tomorrow after wgn news @ 9 tune in to see ltv one hour call in show sheriff tom dart to joining us to answer more questions how to tackle this issue. big changes in store eisenhower expressway known for its back up next x it's targeting or possible makeover and gave one of testimony in the set jerry sandusky is abuse trial prosecutors into detail about
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the case against the former coach and looking to take your work out to the new level? the answer
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whto[ wgn news @ 9 at least three people injured mob attacks downtown chicago this weekend charges filed against seven teenagers, and arrested at the scene able to speak to one victim >> calling him dean is in the western suburbs on saturday night to with his wife and a friend went to concert at
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wrigley field on the the red line heading south he says he was attacked by a group of teenagers. bellmont free-for-all absolutely nothing to do seven people vs one and you are down on the ground to try to protect life and they are swimming at 2 >> 2 cracked teeth stitches at a swollen eye socket the group of male teenagers on the train with a girl holding a baby group started to argue and fight amongst themselves and he believed that was a diversion 20 at his wife left out of the way she dropped her iphone one of the kids grabbed it and would not give it back to the group attacked him and ran off of the train at state and lake mob style attacks becoming big problem in the downtown area starting the summer season police last night's a group of
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15-20 attacked it man 800 block of north dewitt place while he was walking home today pont said $75,000.18 year old he and seven juvenile charged with beating and robbing a michigan man breaking his jaw and the 500 block of north state street saturday night dean said is this has to stop. >> people need to know what is happening the start of summer could not want my friends have and what was done to me down to that people need to know city needs to do a better job the stolen iphone track to 87th and the dan ryan before the tracking went dead police have surveillance images of the teenagers so far nobody arrested in his case engineer had as a result of the attack home from
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work for at least the next two weeks. >> to let plan exit's off of the eisenhower in oak park might soon disappear state planners get underway illinois department of transportation says the exit's at austin and haarlow higher accident rate than other wraps and left lane configuration makes it nearly impossible to widen during rush- hour congestion transportation officials laid out proposal to replace the exit with standard right lane ramps. >> obvious but sometimes embarrassing explanation key factor for insomnia and adults and horrific attack on tape dispute person set on fire and chicagos most legendary author's special honor from the city.
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wild fires in northern colorado continue to spread threatening to burn hundreds of buildings 20,000 a. destroyed or damaged 18 homes families have left homes as a result fire officials did not guarantee they would be safe saved one had to be evacuated heavy smoke one person injured no deaths reported believed to have been started by lightning. pretty dry out there. batt but dry here as well we need rainfall desperately thunderstorms southern end of lake michigan today southern cook county and bartlett no. will just not enough rainfall to alleviate the dryness slight chance next seven days any additional rainfall time lapse cameras show clouds over chicago skies again that no rainfall of any consequence except some of the southern suburbs. chicago just a dry day
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looked like it will be dry next two or three days. look at the temperatures and 90 degrees high temperature in chicago today the eighth-90 degree above temperature we have seen this year this early in the season only three other years. since records began 1871 look at the cold air push it across the northern states sweeping it to chicago dropping daytime high temperatures to about mid seventies thinking 75 degrees tomorrow. temperatures tonight still pretty warm out there 82 degrees of official chicago temperature notice warm northwestern indiana as far as wind fairly gusty o'hare airport reporting gusts to 20 mi. per hour this our sustained wind about 10 mi. per hour throughout the night wind speed generally 70 mi. per hour range. the cool
9:32 pm
air should be out of fear late evening on wednesday followed by another burst of warm temperatures looks like by this time next week back around 90 degrees very close look at this water temperatures chicago lakefront and up and down lake michigan shoreline the water still pretty chilly 67 degrees chicago lakefront some areas in the '50s we do expect this to warm gradually look at the radar and satellite composite around the country. big weather producer line of powerful thunderstorms south into the gulf coast chicago area what storms we got managed to move parts of southwest lower michigan behind it just a few clouds patches close-up look at that line of storms tracking south through parts of
9:33 pm
mississippi into parisienne the gulf of mexico that area is under severe thunderstorm watch. these bright red areas flood warnings currently in effect a lot of heavy rain fall down there more expected those storms pushed through computer models continues to suggest in store for dry days no surprise not exactly new splash this will be cooler air object to temperatures are around 90 degrees you will be very happy to learn more comfortable temperatures and wind for the next couple of days. forecast for the remaining hours of this evening looking at early clouds. clearing. lower temperature between 59-67 degrees in the morning with northwest wind. tomorrow mostly sunny skies with normal temperatures look at the high temperatures 73-78 degrees. very comfortable. tomorrow night
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mostly clear skies and wednesday sunshine and temperatures for the most part it mid-upper 70's across the area. the day after temperatures back into the 80s talking about that in a few minutes seven day forecast. couple of beautiful days expected coming up we do need rainfall. >> first witness to take the stand and the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial described relationship with the former football coach and later cut attorney-general eric holder be facing a charge of contempt?
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senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. wgn news @ 9 sex abuse scandal that has stunned the nation case of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky to trial story tonight >> state of pennsylvania botched case against monday jerry sandusky opening statements prosecutors showed a drop of photographs of some of the victim's called former penn state football coach serial predator has pleaded not guilty to all 52 charges of sexual abuse jerry sandusky the first witness for prosecution 28 year-
9:38 pm
old man court documents that done before testified routinely sexually abused started at age 14. the victim that jerry sandusky for a charity is second mile reluctant to tell anyone about the abuse considers jerry sandusky father figure jurors shown a letter the witness said roy jerry sandusky to him that read in part made my share of mistakes the defense argument letters are consistent with personality disorder not written to groom sexual relationships opening remarks the jerry sandusky attorney said might take the stand in his defense the alleged victim's changed stories during investigation some financial interest in the case attorney for another victim denied the charge >> never looked in any way shape or form other than knowing now obligation citizenship to testify when called by
9:39 pm
prosecutor to tell the truth about trial expected to last 10 weeks jerry sandusky >> amazing video from florida and domestic dispute and dig with one man on fire this video is very graphic. the victim of doing best to fight off a legend attacker father of four year old son taking place at convenience store gas station eventually the attacker pours a gasoline on her ignites the fire police got to be seen at the white man engulfed in flames facing attempted first-degree murder charge. united states navy drone crashed near a market salisbury maryland navy says no but injured no property damage went down on top of that area routine training flight from naval air station global gro the cost $176 million typically used for reconnaissance can apply 30 hours without refueling at altitudes as high as 11 mi. up
9:40 pm
medical reason member of the president's cabinet and about to hit and run accidents over the weekend police in los angeles county commerce secretary john bryson says it to separate vehicles a few minutes apart left the scene found unconscious slumped over the steering wheel of the car taken to hospital doctors discovered had a seizure tonight office announced take and medical leave of absence undergo more tests john bryson. presidential campaigns punching at counterpunch and on the internet focusing on statements each candidate the past week. republican mitt romney had been president with it video
9:41 pm
president obama video of their own tonight both campaigns dispatched circuits to explain what they can to get mad and the president expressing confidence attorney general eric colder even as he faces possible contempt charges house panel and it considering a citation over content botched fast and furious at oregon state withholding documents about the operation illegal guns slipped into the hands of mexican drug cartels. eric holder has testified at seven hearings and says he knew nothing about the improper. former congresswoman staff
9:42 pm
gabrielle giffords and in the political game still recovering from being shot at town hall meeting last year but showed up in tucson test today supporting former district director and right-hand man ron barber special election tomorrow to fill her seat in congress running against tea party member jesse kelly ran against craig mactavish thegabrielle giffords in the last congressional election next apple announcing new updates and power on the streets of chicago they want of bicycle to work week and the books and later in sports theo epstein hoping to been teenager turned into chicago cubs building block for the future.
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[ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. try new orbit micro packs.wgn news @ 9 big day for technology keeps anybody that likes apple start of annual world why developers conference and sent to cisco people who write the software for the products the reason so popular announcing new products today's big announcement new laptop high-resolution display apple officials claim containing 3 million more pixels than a high-definition television also announced an update to mobile software.
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coastal flooding near alabama and florida coast residents to back away to escape the rising waters flood warnings western florida panhandle after a record rainfall over the weekend drivers had to abandon vehicle because of high water many people forced to go to shelters rising flood waters and church leaders west of kentucky praying for rain fall after more than two months of dry weather drop in the region this year veteran of the complete opposite of last majority heavy flooding now just hope to see water soon in order to salvage the crop they had 200 congregations kentucky united in a prayer hoping to see change in the weather soon we need rain fall >> jim ramsey seven day forecast >> rainfall hopefully before the end of the week but not a certainty very stable pattern at the moment just a couple of days
9:47 pm
looking suspicious possibility of rain fall 82 degrees chicago notice of the to the south much warmer temperatures 101 degrees right now in phoenix the radar satellite composite there and out tonight cold front pushing pushing across the area are trying in the cooler air computer model does not show anything rest of the night but clear sky bright sunshine may be temperatures 75 degrees high- temperature tomorrow we will shoot ahead to 84 degrees by thursday wind turns around once again to provide warming notice no action for friday should be dry. chats on saturday again on monday storm developing hot air into chicago the day or two in
9:48 pm
fact 90 degree temperature posted sunday not impossible to see 90 degrees saturday perhaps on monday cross your fingers thunderstorms if he but possible >> hot and crispy on father's day >> absolutely >> chicago trash collection grid system for the first time as of today city trying to assist them chicago north side as experiment garbage collected until now by each ward. affected homes have notices on garbage cans last week collection day could change grid the system will improve efficiency saving millions of dollars to taxpayers one of chicagos literary giants now has a street named in his honor nobel prize
9:49 pm
for literature grew up on agusta inspired name of his character adventures on a coming one day shy of what would have been 97th birthday. baby bird high on a ledge tender loving care peregrine falcon nests of 53rd floor retirement home called the clare at water tower experts they get a check-up parents flew a ground outside of the window looking concerned blood test for tracking returned back all ok. many chicago when switching of bicycles you might be one bike to work week through friday 22nd year bike chicago began one day rally to help with
9:50 pm
environmental concerns expanded to one week one month now year round in the city special stories on biking the city all this week. at before frank thomas paul konerko there was dick allen turned to the south side this happen and at two best players in the nba do their best to downplay what on what matchup finals tomorrow sports next.
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erchicago cubs terrible but things
9:53 pm
getting better. preaching patience one of the biggest victories of the year quite a pitch to get this 20 year old cuban defector jorge soler has agreed to sign with chicago cubs 9 year $30 billion contract you figure three years to develop and six years and the big leagues. jorge soler only 21 years old corner outfielder some have compared to roberto clemente week are not going there but suppose to be special talent one of the cornerstones of theo epstein rebuilding projects for a physical and that he will sign the deal and to celebrating their new addition chicago white sox will come past zero the great dick allen in
9:54 pm
town white sox and chicago baseball museum prepared to honor his 1972 team for which it was american league mvp good team to 20 games over 500 still houbolt to have been a part dick allen >> do not know how to express for taking the accolades for 72 without them there is no me i like to think about without me would not have bidi 1972 sox >> still think help the chicago bulls team could have taken the miami heat current set of circumstances against oklahoma city thunder about as compelling a matchup as the nba could have hoped for tomorrow oklahoma city both teams to went public workout for the benefit of the media today kevin durant russell westbrook and james harden soklahoma city thunder by
9:55 pm
have the firepower to match miami lebron james if he rises up at the end of the boston series any way the best team will win the nba finals not the best superstar >> everybody will make the most out of the matchup me verses lebron james but it is thunder vs. miami heat one guy versus another guy was not be the matchup. to win the series >> happy and humble can actually back in this position less than 12 months later do a better job more plays more game changing plays on the floor on the bigger stage. see what happens >> boy did los angeles kings waiting to waste pickup never see a dahmer penalty than this steve bernier took on rob scuderi, bernier got kicked out and los angeles kings scored three goals in the five bed nets boston brown backs from
9:56 pm
drew doughty and los angeles skating and the cup brown staples center as we speak 6-1 victory first stanley cup in franchise history wolves coach lee craig mactavish bank to pursue other opportunities and northern illinois hosting ihsa football championships of the number of years 2013 speaking of football look who showed up today chicago rushed almost all of them here to work with kids from chicago youth football league on the front lawn very nice coach bob mcmillian to take time to do this professionals have been just as much fun as the kids >> a beautiful makes you look at what you were doing at age how much to develop over the years >> youth organizations amazing kids involved support they are giving them exciting to see them out there having a great time and not finish of the french open pushed by bad weather did
9:57 pm
not last long rafael nadal down comes back to win novak djokovic double faulted on match point rafael nadal wins the trophy heads himself in the face. he will be ready for wimbledon. has the tennis park down the celebration afterward needs work. last time i was at a sleepover my parents had kraft mac & cheese without me. so this time i took precautionary measures. looking for these? [ rattling ] [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.


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